Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Missouri: Show me state?

Well all I have to say is "SHOW ME" Better roads. We were traveling back from MN yesterday on I-35 and Dang those roads are bad. Every 10 feet bump and pot holes are everywhere. I would think that one of the only Major Highways to go north through our state could be maybe just a little better. Of course I have to say my daughter thinks it is fun bouncing every second but my car nor I feel the same way. So MODot what are you going to do about it. I think for one thing we don't need a brand "spanking" new welcome center at the entrance of the state 'cause no one is coming here Duh... our roads SUCK. I also want to add that the sign that you see when you come across the border is LAME. Seriously I've seen more enthusiasm drawn in the stall on a bathroom wall. Come on at least put a picture on it or something. I challenge MO leaders to step up to the plate and do something "Show Me" how good it can be. Good luck causing traffic to back up for weeks fixing the roads.


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