Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My little girl

This is her and now you can see that she is adorable! If I may say so myself. This was taken on the way back from Grandma's house, she always wants to go there I think it is possibly the fact that Grandma gives her treats and dessert before she finishes dinner. Grandma says in her defense "that is what Grandmas are for". I absolutely love her she is always surprising us with how smart she is and keeping us on our toes with constantly coloring on things. I guess its what I get in return for being a "Terror" when I was little. One time I didn't stop touching the fire poker my dad smacked my hand and told me "no" then I went back and did it again this time while looking right at him, he obviously didn't find it amusing as he smacked me again this time saying "No" a little louder. Well to make a long story short I still did it and received numerous swats. I finally quit when I joined the army but in my mind and heart I still long to touch the fire poker. So that is how devious I was. Hannah isn't even close to how bad I was; she is a perfect little girl even when she is bad. She is now 4 and is continuing to grow she loves to help with EVERYTHING even when you don't want her to. She always tells me when the stop lights are green and she says "its green... GO DAD GO... GO GO GO GO" the first time she did it I laughed and I know that is why she continues to. She follows after everything I do because she wants to be like me. I have to watch a lot of what I do because she watches so close. I basically can't do anything bad in front of her because she will do the same and I don't want her calling all dogs that bark "stupid dog". We heard her one time after she dropped something say "Crap... not again" so now I watch where I say that. I hope you enjoyed me talking about her 'cause I sure did.


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