Tuesday, May 15, 2007


On the second to last day I was in Germany the nurse told me I had to try walking with crutches. “NO” was the only thing I said. She insisted however and I had to. The reason this was a bad idea I thought was any time I even lowered my foot off the 3 pillows that were stacked on my bed, it hurt like crazy. She said it would help me not loose (as much) muscle in my leg. I didn’t care why they wanted me to do it, I just knew it hurt. Any way after the “great” journey down the hall they told me I would be leaving for the United States in the morning, also on the TV I saw that US soldiers had just killed Saddam’s sons. This was the best news so far. This was awesome because the only things I had heard on the news or from family while I was there was bad. Usually it was about how many soldiers were killed or how many insurgents we killed. Never was about anything good like how we helped the people by providing them with salt to clean there water with their filtration system. What about the time we rebuilt two schools that were destroyed by the enemy? Oh and by the way this was just in the small town my team was in, I haven’t even mentioned what went on in the rest of the country. I guess it just doesn’t make as good of a pay check for those reporters to report the “good truth”. I guess one way to look at it though is they did report the truth. Didn’t they?

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