Friday, May 11, 2007

A very nice glass farm

I had my 2nd surgery when I arrived in Germany and waking up after surgery sure was something. It was a good thing that I woke up but the down side was I felt horrible pain! When I was hit with the shrapnel earlier it had really hurt but at that time I had adrenaline pumping so the pain wasn’t so bad. However when I woke up after surgery I was in so much pain I screamed for an hour because the medicine they gave me wasn’t working. Apparently when they gave me the drugs to wake up from the anesthetic they gave me way to much so it not only woke me up, it took all the working pain meds out. I was mad and they could tell. I was yelling and screaming bloody murder. They gave me morphine but instead of injecting it in the IV they put it in my arm muscle and it only works right in that area. It felt like it was forever before the pain got a little better.

It’s a long, difficult and stressful time going through the process of changing hospitals, rooms, dressings, and other things. They had to change my IV everyday because there was such a risk of I don’t know what so I was constantly getting stuck with needles in my arms and hands. Also they stabbed me in the stomach every morning with a syringe they said was a stool softener, yeah right they just love to torture innocent wounded soldiers by stabbing them with whatever they can get their hands on. Oh they also love to wake you up just when you get to sleep so they can take you vitals. Aren’t you supposed to rest and heal in a hospital? I mean I got less sleep after I got hurt than I did in Iraq and they mortared us EVERY night. They’re at least somewhat decent in all the abuse they dished out. I mean they took a break now and then during the day so we could sleep. Not the nurses though; they are slow to get your pain medicine, won’t leave you alone to rest and yell at you when you say “You are nothing but blood sucking leaches that drain every ounce of life from me so I can’t do anything to you, just because you were dropped when you were a baby don’t mean you can take it out on me”. That really pissed them off but I was in a lot of pain and after everything I had been through they could have at least shown some courtesy.

While I was there a wounded soldier was brought into my room. His team was ambushed and they were hit by a RPG. There Hummer was armored but the rocket went through the door and exploded killing 4 and taking a huge chunk of his leg along with it. When he got there the doctors just had had it wrapped with a little gauze it wasn’t bleeding much because there wasn’t much there. The part of leg that was still attached was only hanging on by a tendon or two. He was in a lot of pain and there was nothing I could do. I tried to talk to him but the only thing that came out of my mouth was “I’m so sorry” why did this have to happen? Don’t get me wrong I agree that we should have taken Saddam out of power. But did we really need to send this many troops? All this could’ve easily been solved with a couple of high powered nuclear bombs. Iraq would’ve made a very nice glass farm or maybe a parking lot for a huge Wal-Mart. I don’t disagree with the war it just could have been handled a lot less painfully (for us).

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